DIY Necklace Organizing Solution

After spending some time looking online for possible solutions for my necklace dilemma, I decide to draw inspiration from this pottery barn photo.

 However, since I had a budget of zero dollars, going to pottery barn was not an option. Instead I scavenged my house and came up with this idea.

Here’s what I used to create my necklace masterpiece: 

  • black frames
  • cork-board
  • black paint
  • modge podge
  • hot glue gun
  •  push pins
  • buttons

I started out with already black frames and took the glass front of the frames. Next I painted the cork-board black to match the frames, after letting the paint dry I modge podged in hopes that it would make it more resilient (we shall see). After letting the cork-board dry I cut it to fit inside the frames, I placed a couple beads of glue using the hot glue gun along the edge to secure it to the frame, and placed the back of the frame in place.

         Once i decided upon the number of push pins I would need to hang my necklaces, I picked out different buttons to use. I simply hot glued them to the head of the push pins. Once the buttons were secured I simply decided upon a pattern to hang my buttons and pushed them into the framed cork-boards.